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Tuesday Tidbits

Here are the random thoughts running around in my head today…

It is sad that the only time you see some people is at a funeral.

It is amazing how children heal so quickly – my son’s stitches came out today and the bite is mending quite well. He was bit by a dog 10 days ago – it took 6 stitches to close it up.

It is so beautiful to look outside in the morning and see the crisp white snow and so sad to see the gray slush later in the day.

It is frustrating to go to the grocery store for one item and have to circle the parking lot to try and find a parking space.


Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving


Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random feelings/ thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Feeling bad that I missed my chance to say goodbye to a friend who is off to South Africa to see her family.

Feeling sad that DH’s grandmother passed on but relieved that she is in a better place.

Feeling pressure   about the decisions to make  concerning all of the funeral arrangements.

Feeling stressed by the emotional climate at home – everyone is on edge and fighting/arguing keeps breaking out.

Off to try and find a little peace and serenity.


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