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Tidbit Tuesday

Here is another installment of the random thoughts running through my head …

I am enjoying the fragrant blossoms in my garden. The peach and plum trees are flowering, the daffodils and the hyacinths are blooming and other stuff is getting new growth. It is wonderful. I got a new type of daffodil and it is really pretty. Now if I can just keep DS from picking all the flowers!

Our new mattress and boxsprings are here. I can’t wait to see how I sleep tonight. Although this mattress is much higher than our old one. I have to do a little hop up to get on it! I guess after 20 years the old one compressed quite a bit.

I’m hoping that the pruning I did on the clematis didn’t harm it. I read that you should prune it back down to 12 inches from the ground and leave 2 to 4 buds  on each cane/vine/branch?? I didn’t go quite that far on my Sweet Autumn because it already had quite a few leaves along with buds. I’m going to try to train part of it to cover the ground and the other part to climb up a piece of garden sculpture I have.

I bought some mulch  to repair some bare spots. I killed the grass in several areas and now need to get some stuff to plant and mulch there as well. Both kids wanted to get some seeds when I got the mulch  and I said sure. DS got 4 packs and then went to show his sister where to get hers. At the register, the clerk began to ring up the packs and he had a few more in his stack. I think we now have  about 10 packs of flower seeds and 10 packs of veggie seeds to plant. We will be busy.

I need to get to work on our personal taxes – haven’t done a thing since I put it on the list last week.

Right now I’m off to do some more in the garden. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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