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100 Day Challenge Progress Report – v. 2

Decluttering efforts for week two involved the big freezer, the garden and some furniture. Here’s the list –

Box of sliced/chopped steak slices – this suffered through a power failure and all the slices froze together into one huge block of meat. I kept meaning to figure out a way to chop it up but then we had another power outage and I decided to just toss the box. Between the thawing/refreezing and the length of time it was in the freezer I doubt that it would be any good now.

3 bags of chicken bones – I already  have several gallons of broth made and decided to just toss these.

1 partial bag of sour cherries – I bought these by mistake and no one really likes them. I thought I might make them into something but it hasn’t happened and probably won’t so out they go.

Half a bag of spinach – original date of purchase unknown but it had to have been awhile so out it goes.

Partial bag of red quinoa, expiration date over a year ago.

1 clump of ornamental grass – came up as a volunteer but it was too close to the baptisia  and it just didn’t look right

1 upholstered chair and 1 storage unit – the girl decided to take them for her apartment.

That makes 10 items for the week. I’m on schedule – hopefully I can keep it up and clear out some more stuff. How did your week go? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Tuesday Tidbits

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

Rough day today. Woke up to a freezer that wasn’t freezing and went straight to catastrophe thinking – all my food is going to be ruined, my plans for today are shot, why didn’t I look into a new freezer several months ago when it started leaking and making funny noises, where can I go to get a freezer delivered today, etc.  Looked to hubby to save me(’cause my love language is acts of service) but didn’t get what I was hoping for –  to be fair he did have some ideas for me but he is in the middle of  keeping his business running while setting up a new building and participating in a trade show so he really didn’t have time to help me out. So I try stuffing as much as I can into the freezer section of my refrigerator and set off to find a new freezer.

Several hours later I’m on my way home and second guessing myself about my purchase – wondering if I spent too much, is it too big, did I get the right features, etc. What do I discover when I get home – the freezer appears to be working again. Ugh. Still going through with the purchase because the freezer is old and acting up so hopefully this new one work out.

It was absolutely  gorgeous today but it is supposed to be cold again tomorrow with possible rain/sleet/snow. I do hope that spring comes soon. I am so ready for the warm weather and the beginning of garden season. Lots of dead stuff to clear out, pruning of the fruit trees, grape vines and berry bushes to be done and then prepping the veggie beds and seed planting.

Still haven’t been swimming but I’m doing pretty good with the steps the past few days. Not sure if I can make it to the pool this week or not. I know I need to if I’m going to get close to my goal but so far it has just been too much of a struggle to do.

Guess that’s it for this installment – see you next time around.


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