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Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around my head today…

DD was confirmed on Sunday. It has been a bit of a rough experience these past three years but I think things have settled down for her and her faith.

We went out for chinese food to celebrate and of course I ate too much so I decided to skip dessert and just have my fortune cookie.

I took the plunge today and chopped off my hair. Ever since the debacle with the henna, I’ve  wanted to get rid of the orange and today was the day. There is still a tiny bit of it at the ends in front but most of it is gone!!  Not sure what the family will say when they see my short do but I feel much better.

My DD helped me to get our wildflower garden planted, watered and covered. Now we just have to keep it moist and watch it grow. Have been watering my transplants and weeding, weeding, weeding.

Need to get ready for my meeting with the health insurance rep. It is time to renew the business policy and the rates have gone up 19%. We are going to look at some alternatives and hopefully find something that won’t be as expensive.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. Be back on Thursday.

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