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Tidbit Tuesday

Here is a sampling of the random thoughts running around in my brain …

I can’t decide if I’m happy I can’t weed due to the rain or sad that I can’t weed! There is just so much stuff I want to get done in the garden before it gets too cold.

I love being able to feed my family from our garden.

Why did it have to rain during bus pickup and dropoff times??

Really need to update my booklist – I have a lot of books to get on there

Have been decluttering but haven’t updated that list in ahile either. I don’t think I can remember all the things I’ve gotten rid of since3 the last time I updated the list.

I really need to develop and strengthen my “follow through” muscles – they are quite pitiful as of now. It might help if I don’t start so many things/projects at one time.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday

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