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Thursday Tidbits

Just another unedited, sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Still loving the sweet autumn clematis display – so glad that I found that plant. Still have some raspberries ripening but this could be the last batch.  Also have some apples and pears to harvest.  There are some figs but they aren’t nearly ready to be picked.

The girl stopped for a visit. She is enjoying her new house although she hasn’t spent much time there. She is working two jobs to be able to afford it. I have a feeling that she may end up with a roommate sooner or later. I don’t think she’ll want to keep working so many hours but we’ll see how it goes.

The boy has been having some issues – I think it is too much exposure to advertising. Need to come up with a plan to balance screen time with other things. Hubby thinks we need to get him involved in something but what?? We’ve tried several sports, several musical instruments, scouting, art camps, horseback riding, shooting lessons – nothing seems to keep his interest for long. It is becoming a real struggle.

I’ll be back tomorrow to post about my choices for the 100 day challenge – hope you will join me and let me know what you will be working on. Until then, have a great day wherever you are.

Tidbit Thursday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

I love walking out my door to the sight, sound and smell of my sweet autumn clematis. The white flowers are so pretty, the bees are buzzing around it and the aroma is heavenly.

My dad is finally at home and of course doing a bit more than he should be but who is going to argue with him  when we are so thankful to have him still with us after all the events of the summer. Of course there are still some transportation woes to be hammered out but overall things are looking good. It is hard to be so far away and not be able to help out. I’m lucky that my sister has been able to juggle so many responsibilities and still see that Dad is taken care of.

I need to get serious about the job hunt. The hubby wants me to come back to work with him – paid this time – but I know in my heart of hearts that it would be the end of our marriage. I don’t have the skill set or the desire to do the job he has in mind and I don’t want to have the business take over my life the way it has taken over his. I want a job that doesn’t spill over into my “off” hours. If I had done a better different job of training the boy, I could have a larger pool of possible jobs but as it is I’m limited to certain hours/days.  I’ll just keep looking and hoping to find something that will work.

Speaking of the boy, he seems to be enjoying school. I was a bit worried because he is with mostly new to him kids but it seems to be going okay. He is still a bit immature but hopefully he will continue to grow as the year goes on. He has done well with his assignments so far but still has a tendency to rush through. I need to keep encouraging him to put forth his best effort while still giving him time for goofing off and/or screen activities.

Until next time I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing you are having a great day.


Tidbit Thursday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Headed back again – they are going to put a pacemaker in after we discuss things and make sure that Dad understands everything. He has been much more alert since they got the infection under control. It was really tough seeing him last weekend when he was so out of it. He didn’t even realize that the girl had been in to see him.

Have to say that the hospital staff has been great. The nurses really seem to enjoy interacting with him and have been very informative when we request info.

This back and forth travel has really impacted the rest of my life and not in a good way. I have gotten off schedule, my routines are shot, I’ve eaten so much junk, did so very little exercise or walking, I’m irritable and out of whack. I need to do a better job of taking care of myself during stressful times.

Not much else for now. Hopefully I’ll have good news the next tie I check in, until then – have a great day wherever you are.

Tidbit Thursday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the random thoughts rolling around in  my head today…

Where to start – so many things have happened since last week.

The mechanic said there was nothing wrong with the car and hubby thought I should drive it. I told him that smoke doesn’t come out of the hood for no reason and made him take my car while I took his. It worked okay for a day and then the same thing happened when he had it out on the highway. He said the radiator ran dry and he thought there might be something wrong with the water pump. Took it to another garage and they replaced the thermostat.

Dad has undergone several dialysis sessions, been treated for pneumonia and bronchitis, and had a temporary pacemaker put in. At one point it was all gloom and doom – never coming home, will need to be in a nursing home and now it seems he has turned the corner. He has been peeing, he’s off the oxygen, his heart rate is stabilizing, he’s trying to get up to walk and he’s complaining about the food.

It is so hard to keep from offering advice – the girl found an apartment for September and she needs a roommate to afford it. She says she has several options but what if they don’t work out?? She is on the hook for the rent which she can’t afford on her own. Then she’s talking about getting another car because her current car needs an exhaust pipe, tires and a rather expensive repair. She “needs” to be able to drive around.  What she needs is to pay her bills and save up money to get her car fixed.

Luckily we haven’t had much rain so the garden isn’t too bad in terms of weeding to be done. Would like to transplant the lilies and some irises but not sure if I’ll get around to it before I head back down to see Dad.

Dad lectured my sister on how she raised her kids and I didn’t have the heart/guts to add to her distress.  It isn’t an easy situation for any of them and when I look at what my kids do and don’t do I don’t feel like I can tell her what she should be doing with her kids. Not sure what is going to happen there. Still would like to talk to her about it but need to figure out a way that is helpful not hurtful.  Not sure when I’ll go back down – there is stuff I need to do here but I feel like I should go down to help my sister out. Why is adulthood so hard??

Need to try and get something done so until next time, I hope you are having a good day wherever you are.


Tidbit Thursday

Just another unedited/sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Heard this week that my sister’s brother-in-law died. He was only 51, not sure what happened but it certainly surprised the family and has left them reeling. Another reminder to let people know they are loved before it is too late.

More rain – I can’t seem to get ahead this year. Just about the time I get an area weed free it rains and more weeds sprout up. Very discouraging.

More drama with the girl – she needs to move out and has not found a place to stay. She asked about moving back in here. Not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I want her to get out of the situation she is in but on the other hand things have been a lot less stressful since she has moved out. I’m not sure I want to deal with the possible drama that could occur. UGH – parenting is soo hard.

Need to get a new tire for the car, got another letter from the IRS, still need to deal with the hospital bill and the insurance policy – so much for getting things done while the boy was at camp.

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the thoughts rolling around in my head today…

It’s been awhile since I ‘ve posted – there has been a lot of soul searching going on here. Various factors have combined to make it necessary to make some household changes and it has been a difficult time. Lots of anger, disappointment, frustration, resentment and regret surfacing and needing to be dealt with. Things are not settled and probably won’t be for awhile but we have made some tentative plans and hopefully we’ll manage to keep things going.

I’ve decided not to grow anything this year – I’m just going to work on maintaining the areas that have been cleaned out and try and get some more areas cleared. There isn’t money to have someone come in and clear out the orchard so that is one area to work on. I still need to finish the island bed, take care of the compost area, and then the area between the orchard and the vegetable beds needs a lot of work done to it. That is more than enough to keep me busy over the summer.

With the possibility of  downsizing and moving in our near future, I need to work on getting the girl, the boy and myself to go through our stuff and get rid of things that no longer brings us any pleasure. I’ve begun reading Marie Kondo’s book, the life changing magic of tidying up, and it is definitely giving me some ideas. I’m not sure I agree with everything(I know I will be leaving books for last) but it certainly does make you think.

Down to 8 more days of school and as usual I am not ready to have my solitude taken away. I’ve scheduled some camps and am working on a daily schedule to hopefully make the days go smoothly.

Having trouble typing because there is something wrong with my thumb. Many months ago I got a tiny sliver of glass stuck in my thumb and ever since then I have had problems. At first it seemed like it had worked its way out but then a few weeks later it seemed to be back.  This continued several times until I decided that maybe it was actually warts that were developing and then going away. Just recently it seemed to be more like a blood blister that finally broke open but the thumb is still sore.

Did finally schedule  mammogram and gynecology appointments. I guess the next thing is a dermatology appointment to see about some blotches on my hands, arms and legs. Ugh, it is always something.

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another unedited/sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Extended family time over the holiday. First was  a lovely visit with the boy, my Dad, my  Uncle, my cousin and my cousin’s wife. We hadn’t gotten together for awhile so it was nice to finally manage to do it.  Then there was the egg hunt/picnic with my Dad’s side of the family. As always, the food was fantastic and I ate too much. Finally we went out to my in-laws and had dinner on Sunday evening.

Need to get out in the garden but have not been motivated. Need to just pick a place and get started before the weeds start turning to seeds. It is nice to look out and see the hyacinths and daffodils. The winter aconite that I planted last fall didn’t do as well as I had hoped – only about half came up so far. Some of the bulbs are sprouting. Need to decide where to put the plants I ordered last fall. Don’t remember where I was going to put them so I need to come up with an idea now.

The hubby has finally decided he has had enough pain from his injury and he is going to have surgery this Friday. It will be at least one overnight stay perhaps two. Then two weeks at home and a total of four to six weeks of no driving. Hopefully this will alleviate/eliminate the pain he has been dealing with.

I have to admit that I am not looking forward to his recovery period.  The thought of having someone around all the time is not my idea of fun under the best of circumstances – I’m very introverted and really need my private time. On top of that we have been having some issues and  I wonder how we will manage this time. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Hope all is well in your part of the world, until next time – have a great day.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another unedited/sloppy installment of the thoughts running around in my head today…

I’m so frustrated – I spent what seemed like hours trying on almost every bra in my size before deciding on two to purchase. There was very little in the wireless section, so I ended up with wires that seemed bearable. However, once I wore them for an entire day, I discovered that one bra  was really uncomfortable. I need to go back out again but I’m putting it off for awhile – I need to recover from this trip before I head out again. I’ll just make do with what I have.

Since I did get my glasses and at least one acceptable bra, I’ve been thinking about my next two projects to work on. One is definitely getting my tax information together and setting up a routine so I’m not scrambling to find everything again next year. Not sure about the other one – need to think some more.

The house looks and feels so much better since we got things cleaned up for the party. Now the job is to keep it this way – don’t let things start to pile up again and make sure that the guys keep putting their stuff away.

It is a beautifully sunny day but we’ve been having a cold snap and I haven’t been able to work in the garden. There are a lot of weeds to pull, several trees/bushes to prune and I need to think about spring planting.

I do love this time of year – Easter is such a time of new promise and hope. I love the traditions and look forward to the church services of Holy week.  Each service has something different to offer to the complete story. I’m also looking forward to the weekend and spending time with my extended family. Never seems like we do that enough anymore. People are always so busy and it is so hard to make plans.  Maybe its harder because I’m the one doing the work now – adulthood is a lot harder than I expected. Not sure why anyone is in such a hurry to grow up and take on all these responsibilities.

Hope you are enjoying some signs of spring today. Enjoy your day until next time.


Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Wow – it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Summer always throws me for a loop. I can’t figure out how to get everything accomplished when there are people around draining my battery.

It was a bit of a rough summer –  lots of family drama, some injuries, and a bit of a relapse to the lethargy that I had just after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. At times, anything(and everything) just seemed like too much effort to even try to do. But with the start of school and more time to myself to recharge/fill my battery, I’m hoping to make some changes and get some stuff done.

Right now I’m loving the smell of my sweet autumn clematis – I get a nice whiff every time I leave/enter the house. I just planted a few pieces of it on my front fence and hopefully the hot weather won’t kill it. Didn’t have much luck with the tomatoes this year – the deer have gotten every single one so far. My red pepper turned out to be something else – not sure what yet as it is still growing. Had good luck with the raspberries, strawberries, apples and pears. Let too many weeds go to seed last year and have had a hard time keeping up with them this year. Did get a lot of work done around the water feature and am determined to get it done this year. Still need to divide and transplant some irises, did up the sunflowers and then add some mulch and it will be good to go. If I do one section at a time I’ll eventually get it all done – at least I hope!

This is the girl’s senior year and the boy’s first year of middle school. Lots of changes coming and I’m hoping that we can navigate them with a minimum of difficulty.

I’ll end here for now – hope you had a great summer and are looking forward to ending the year with a strong push towards your goals.

Tidbit Thursday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Lots of teenage drama around here lately. Its so hard to be in the middle and try to keep the peace.

Fifth grade promotion – didn’t have that when I was a kid. We just moved on but now it is a big deal with awards, a guest speaker, student performances and of course the parade of each child receiving a certificate and handshakes from the principal and teachers. All this in a crowded gym, on a hot day with no fans -ugh!

Now we begin the joy of trying to keep to a routine of chores, learning and fun when all he wants to do is watch tv, play video games and eat lots of junk food.

Have been spending an hour a day in the garden – weeding, deadheading, weeding,  watering, weeding. Still have a long way to go. Need to get some mulch down in some areas. I’ve started to dig out the island bed.  I had originally planted some sedum, a sweet autumn clematis, some bulbs and something else that I can’t remember in there. But there are the inevitable weeds along with some oregano and clover mixed in now. I did try to pull out the unwanted stuff but that is just not working, so I’m going to dig up most of it and start over.

I am way behind on my goal to finish all the items on the completion list. I need to recommit to finding time to work on these items and actually follow through on the plan to work on them.

I’m also behind on my step goal and I haven’t done a very good job of doing any kind of fitness. It is harder to fit in a couple of walks when the boy is home but we are going to try to swim at least once a week if not more. Well, at least on the weeks that he is home. He will be off  to camp for three weeks so who knows what will happen then.

Guess I’ll stop for now and try to get some work done. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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