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31 days toward completion – day 15

What a beautiful day it is here today. I spent some time out in the garden and am getting closer to the completion of my goal of getting the veggie beds ready for winter. I still have one eggplant bush in the ground. It has 3 eggplants that are not quite ready for harvesting. It is supposed to stay warm for at least a few more days and I’ll let them hang on for awhile longer.

I removed all of the other veggie plants and weeds. I dug some trenches, filled two trenches and covered 3 beds. I should try and do a bit more today because they are forecasting rain for tomorrow and later this week. However, right now I am ready for a break – time to have something to eat and maybe read what some other 31 day bloggers are doing.

I just keep reminding myself that the way to eat an elephant is to do it one bite at a time. Eventually I’ll finish it up.

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