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31 days toward completion – day 14

It was hard to find my 15 minutes today. This weekend was very busy and I felt the need for some quiet, relaxed time. I stayed up reading last night and that was not smart. I knew today would be tough since I had one kiddo at home and had to go out for parent-teacher conferences. It was once again a case where I went for good instead of better. I could have given up reading last night(good) for getting to bed on time and being well-rested(better) but I didn’t.

I have still not mastered the skill of delayed gratification(and I wonder why my kids haven’t?!). I like to think it may have something to do with being depressed for so long but perhaps it is just a lack of willpower. Whatever the reason it is a skill that I definitely would like to improve upon. It is scary to look back and realize how many things could be different if I had already mastered this skill. I just have to remember that the past is past and I do have the ability to change what happens next.

I did actually get in 15 minutes of listing books on my library wish list so I am one step closer to completion of that goal. The work will continue tomorrow.

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