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Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I had hoped to have done a few posts reviewing my goals from last year but life intervened, hopefully I’ll get them up soon.

The girl had the flu for Christmas – not fun at all.

We had a lovely time away but I’ve added snowboarding to my list of activities I can’t get the hang of. My brain understands what the instructor says to do but it can’t make my body do what it hears!

Icy roads, accidents, late buses, school delays – all are messing with the new schedule I had hoped to implement this year.

Finally discovered the source of the horrible odor near the computer – a dead mouse in the space under the tub – yuck! That makes 5 mice so far this year. There are just too many ways for them to get in – the kids say “let’s get a cat” but hubby is allergic so it isn’t happening.

I started work on my project list – finished reading 2 books from shelves and I’ve started to work on a schedule of which ones need to be done at a certain time. More information to come in the days ahead.

Hope your new year has started out great.


Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I am so not ready for Christmas – still need to order a few gifts, sort out what is from us/my dad/my in-laws/Santa, and get everything wrapped.

It was pouring this morning when I went to take the boy to the bus, then it was sunny and 50some degrees when I went to pick up the car and now it is back to dark and gloomy. December should bring snow not buckets of rain.

The family went ice skating last night. The boy’s school sponsors a free skate night at the local ice rink. This has been happening for the past 6 years but this was the first one we attended. The temps were in the forties so I decided to brave it. I love snow /winter but I’m not really into winter sports(because as I’ve stated before, I’m extremely non-athletic). Dear Hubby and the girl are quite proficient at skating while the boy just runs around like a mad man. I attempted skating and it was an experience. First I held onto the railing and the hubby’s hand for a few laps around the rink. Then I participated in a lesson given by one of the rink employees. I sort of mastered getting up after falling and the “pushing” move but then she wanted us to let go of the side and I just was not ready for that. I did commandeer a “walker” and did some gliding around with it but it didn’t take long for my legs to decide it was time for a break. Will I do it again?? Maybe, if I get to use a walker!

Finally got some(actually most) of the books I’ve read listed. I made my goal of 150 for the year. I’ll have to check to see the breakdown but I’m sure most of them were not from my shelf or list. Would like to do better at that next year.

I’m getting so close to five million steps – I should definitely make it. Just have to make sure that I get a minimum amount on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

I’m mulling ideas about next year and I’m almost ready to post – just need to find some time. Hopefully I’ll get it done before the end of the year.

That’s it for now – hope you are finding some time to enjoy the season. Don’t let the demands of this time keep you from the important things – time with friends and family.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I had a busy holiday weekend with visiting family, eating way too much, doing some Christmas shopping and taking care of a sick kid.

It is always so nice to spend time with family but it leaves me wanting more. I wish we lived closer or that we weren’t living such busy lives – something/anything that would make it easier to get together more often.

I didn’t do any Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday shopping but I did pick up a few things and still have more to do. It was so much easier and more fun when I wasn’t the one shopping for all the gifts and wondering if I was spending too much or not enough.

We( I should say hubby and the boy) decorated the yard and the windows plus put up the tree. Next is putting out the various decorations, nativity sets and Advent items. I’m not really feeling the holiday spirit but I’m trying to get things done. Wondering if  this is the last year for Santa Claus – he is ten and I’m not sure if he’ll believe much longer.

I’ve decided to give up on the swimming challenge – it just didn’t work out this year but I’m getting close to my 5 million steps which is exciting for me. Starting to think about next year. Not sure what I want to focus on but I do want to continue to work on my health/fitness journey. I don’t want it to be about pounds and inches – maybe it will be on number of steps/miles/pushups? As Fagin would say  “I’m reviewing the situation” before I decide.

With that in mind I’m off to listen to the Oliver soundtrack. Do let me know if you’ve begun setting some goals for next year, I’d love to know what you are up to.

TA DA/TO DO Thursday

I did a bit of decluttering in the garden today and yesterday.  Got rid of some leaves, cut back some of the irises, covered one of the veggie beds and of course  pulled some more weeds.

I did a little bit of organizing this week and have been walking a bit more as well.  I’ll find out tomorrow if the walking has done anything for my weight. 

This week I would like to get the Christmas decorations out and create the final list of presents  that I still need to get.

What’s on your list for this week?

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Had a lovely dinner at my in-laws. I did eat too much but I’m working on getting rid of it.

Have had a little bit of snow which is nice to look at. DS made a few snowballs and that just about cleared the yard!

Still need to cover two vegetable beds but most everything else is done.

Not really in the Christmas mood yet. I dread the shopping  – not sure what to do about it all. Did pick up one or two things but there is much more to get.

Still feeling unmotivated and lazy – off to try to find something to get me up and moving.

Fitness Friday

Just a short note today. I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow to check my weight and measurements – then I will have an ending point for this year and a starting point for next year.

I’m thinking that my weight will be up because of my lack of exercise and some overeating at Christmas. We’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.

Fitness Friday

Just a quick note as we are getting ready to head out to visit family for the holiday.

I am down another pound. I am going to try hard to stay on track over the holidays. I really want to get as close to my goal as I can by the end of the year.  I am starting to see the difference. My pants are getting loose and I love it.

Have a wonderful holiday season and I’ll be back with a year end review and a preview of next year’s plans.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the thoughts that are running around in my head today…

I am

Discouraged by the amount of things I have to do

Excited about spending time with my dad, my sister and her family – especially her granddaughter who just turned 1 last month

Uncertain about what to make for dinner

Hopeful that all my packages will arrive on time

Wishing for a white Christmas

Making plans for my birthday bash

Trying to make plans for next year and my goals

Counting the days – 13 in case you are wondering – till I hit the big 5-0

Listening to my tummy growl – time to eat!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone


Tuesday Tidbits

Here is this week’s installment of my random thoughts …

Less than three weeks until the big 5 -0. I am going to have a party and need to get to work on the invitations and a menu.

Will need to do some major cleaning before that time. Where do all the spiders come from?? I have cobwebs in so many places – ugh!

Still need to do some Christmas shopping. I have sent some stuff to my dad’s already but there is still much to buy, wrap and pack.

It is so sunny here – I have been doing some last minute tasks in the garden. It feels good to be out in the sunshine.

I’ll be back again on Friday with more to report on the fitness front.

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