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Fitness Friday

I do not know why I keep sabotaging myself. I’m trying to lose weight but I eat a pint of ice cream  or a package of frozen cookie dough in a day. I know that I shouldn’t but I do it anyway. What is up with that??

I’ve been trying to work with DD about some bad habits she has developed. I told her everytime she takes food into her room and eats it she is making a choice that she knows is wrong. Then it occurs to me that I am doing the very same thing.

Everytime I choose to eat something that is not good for me, I am choosing to gain more weight.  Everytime I choose to read another blog, surf the weird news or play a game; I am choosing not to exercise and tone my body.

I really need to start asking myself  “Do I really want to eat ______or do I want to lose weight?” before I put something in my mouth. I need to choose to limit my computer time and do more active things. Nothing will change unless I do.

It is time for me to make some moves in the right direction for a change. Hope you are making good choices in your daily activities.

Have a great weekend.

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