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Fitness Friday

Pounds to lose  11.4

Average steps last week  13,357

Boot camp has been a very interesting experience. I am discovering how badly out of shape I have allowed myself to become. There is much work to be done here. 

The first week didn’t seem so bad but this week has been very difficult. I’m sore, tired and have very little energy. The record heat does not help me much.

I have been working hard during boot camp – maybe not all out 100% – but I am giving it a good try. I have enjoyed some of the exercises and  I can tell that some things are getting a bit easier.

The hardest part for me is the cardio – especially the beginning stuff. We do some jogging, running butt kicks and running with our knees coming up high and it is very difficult for me. I do a bit better in the later portions but not much. Oh well, perhaps I will get better with time. I can see me incorporating some of this stuff into a routine that I can do at home but I don’t have the equipment to do everything.

It is supposed to cool off  after the weekend and maybe I will get some energy back. I sure hope so. Have a wonderful weekend.

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