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Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

We had some beautiful sunshine and the bulbs are starting to sprout. I’m eagerly anticipating the first splashes of color in the garden.  Want to start thinking about what to plant this year. Still need to get the tree stumps out of the orchard before planting another fruit tree or two. Want to move the blueberries to another spot in the hopes that they will do better.

DS is learning ballroom dancing and he is loving it. There will be six boys chosen to compete and he hopes to be one of them. Wish his grandmother was still around to see it. She would have been so proud as she taught ballroom dancing for years and competed as well.

DD is all over the map – those teenage hormones kicking in I guess. Some days the roller coaster of emotion is just too much for this old mom.

Haven’t done much on my list for the year so I need to buckle down and try to get at least one of them done this month.

Just beginning to smell the bar-b-q chicken that is cooking in the crockpot – yum!

I have the rugs outside to air out a bit but it looks like the rain is coming so I better go get them in. Have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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