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Tuesday Tidbits

Here is the latest installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Today I am…

Loving the start of baseball season – go Bucs!

Glad that the busyness of last week is over – preparing food for  3 church events in 5 days is a bit tiring

Hoping the warm weather is here to stay – would like to get out in the garden and do some clean up, bed prep and seed planting

Feeling thankful for good times with good friends

Amazed that the first quarter of 2014 is already over – need to check in with my yearly goals and adjust as needed

How are you doing today?


31 days toward completion – day 8

One full week down and I’ve completed one of my twelve items. I’ve made a start on five of the others. Today I did some weeding in various parts of the garden, put the back on the bookcase and moved it to its place in the loft. I started to put some books on the shelves and discovered that I have misplaced some of the shelves. Will look for them tomorrow as I need to move on to some other work right now.

I’m feeling pretty good today about my progress and hope to keep it up tomorrow although it may be difficult. Wednesdays are my get out and about days and there isn’t always time to fit in much of anything else. We’ll see. Maybe I can do some computer stuff while I listen to the Pirates win their last playoff game. At least I hope that is what I will be listening to!

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