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Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I had hoped to have done a few posts reviewing my goals from last year but life intervened, hopefully I’ll get them up soon.

The girl had the flu for Christmas – not fun at all.

We had a lovely time away but I’ve added snowboarding to my list of activities I can’t get the hang of. My brain understands what the instructor says to do but it can’t make my body do what it hears!

Icy roads, accidents, late buses, school delays – all are messing with the new schedule I had hoped to implement this year.

Finally discovered the source of the horrible odor near the computer – a dead mouse in the space under the tub – yuck! That makes 5 mice so far this year. There are just too many ways for them to get in – the kids say “let’s get a cat” but hubby is allergic so it isn’t happening.

I started work on my project list – finished reading 2 books from shelves and I’ve started to work on a schedule of which ones need to be done at a certain time. More information to come in the days ahead.

Hope your new year has started out great.


Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I am so not ready for Christmas – still need to order a few gifts, sort out what is from us/my dad/my in-laws/Santa, and get everything wrapped.

It was pouring this morning when I went to take the boy to the bus, then it was sunny and 50some degrees when I went to pick up the car and now it is back to dark and gloomy. December should bring snow not buckets of rain.

The family went ice skating last night. The boy’s school sponsors a free skate night at the local ice rink. This has been happening for the past 6 years but this was the first one we attended. The temps were in the forties so I decided to brave it. I love snow /winter but I’m not really into winter sports(because as I’ve stated before, I’m extremely non-athletic). Dear Hubby and the girl are quite proficient at skating while the boy just runs around like a mad man. I attempted skating and it was an experience. First I held onto the railing and the hubby’s hand for a few laps around the rink. Then I participated in a lesson given by one of the rink employees. I sort of mastered getting up after falling and the “pushing” move but then she wanted us to let go of the side and I just was not ready for that. I did commandeer a “walker” and did some gliding around with it but it didn’t take long for my legs to decide it was time for a break. Will I do it again?? Maybe, if I get to use a walker!

Finally got some(actually most) of the books I’ve read listed. I made my goal of 150 for the year. I’ll have to check to see the breakdown but I’m sure most of them were not from my shelf or list. Would like to do better at that next year.

I’m getting so close to five million steps – I should definitely make it. Just have to make sure that I get a minimum amount on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

I’m mulling ideas about next year and I’m almost ready to post – just need to find some time. Hopefully I’ll get it done before the end of the year.

That’s it for now – hope you are finding some time to enjoy the season. Don’t let the demands of this time keep you from the important things – time with friends and family.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

I have written so many posts in my head as I have been walking the past few weeks – too bad I never really remember them once I get in front of the computer.

We did get a few more decorations up and the hubby bought even more lights for the yard. Just about done with the decorations – wish I could say the same about shopping for gifts.

Starting to think about next year and what plans I might make but first I need to review the goals I had for this year and how I progressed with them. Didn’t do as well as I had hoped but I made a start in all of them. Definitely need to finish up the books read list to see where I am with that.

This has been a bit of a rough time. It was the anniversary of my mother’s death and her birthday plus the parties over the holiday made me realize that my dad, my in-laws and my aunts and uncles are starting to struggle with health issues. It makes me wonder how long they will be around to spend time with and wish that we all lived closer to each other.

I’m struggling with the middle school decision. None of the schools are clear cut winners – I dislike something about all of them. Oh how much easier it was for my mom. She had no choice, nothing to debate about, she just sent us to the local school. There is such a thing as too many choices and I think it may be harder to deal with than too few choices.

Send me wishes/prayers for good health as the virus has gone through my son, hubby and now my daughter. I hope I can stay healthy and I hope you do the same.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

We had two beautiful days and I was able to do some more in the garden – covered another veggie bed and cleaned up the perimeter of the yard. I was so pleased until I went out this morning and saw that the rain had caused a bunch of weeds to sprout -UGH – it just never ends.

I still haven’t updated my book list and I have no idea how many books I have read or need to read to meet my goal. It should go on my ever growing list of things to do.

I need to have a talk with my son about the proper care and handling of hamsters. He doesn’t seem to understand exactly how his actions affect his pet. I’m worried that he is going to cause her to have a nervous breakdown with all of his actions.

I have been eating way too many Milk Duds lately – they were on sale and I shouldn’t have bought them but I did.  I really need to stop doing this – it isn’t good for me on so many levels.

We are headed to my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner. Then we will see my dad and some relatives on Sunday. There will be too much food and I will probably eat way too much junk. Then I will beat myself up for doing it. I need to change my relationship with food – perhaps that is something I can work on next year. It is the time to start looking back over the year to see how I’ve done and start planning for what I’d like to do next year.

If you are getting together with family and friends for Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful time.


Measure Up Monday – time to see how I am doing on my goals

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and am happy to say that I have read  112 books so far this year.  It breaks down to 22 from my library wish list, 41 from shelves and 49 picked up at the library while waiting for my kids to get their stuff.

Now the next big task is to get them entered into the 1500 Book Challenge list. Hopefully I can work on that in the next week or so.

What have you read lately? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Measure Up Monday – time to look and see how I’m doing on my goals

The first quarter of 2014 is over and let’s see where I am with my reading goal.  The goal is to read 150 books – 50 from my stash of books, 50 from my library wishlist and 50 from other sources.  So far I have read 49 books with 10 coming from my stash, 4 from my library wishlist and 35 coming off the shelves of the library as I browse while waiting for my children to get their books.

I do currently have 5 books from my wishlist  that I will be reading this month and I need to add a few from my stash as well. I should stop browsing the shelves and just take a book to read while I wait at the library. We’ll see if I can manage that.

Have you read anything good lately?

Tuesday Tidbits

Another installment of the random thoughts rolling around my head…

I had a lovely weekend away at retreat. I always enjoy my stay there. For one thing, it is lovely not to have to think about what to make for a meal, make the meal, eat it and then clean it up. Another wonderful thing is the 10 minute massage I get which loosens up me up and feels great. Add in some lovely music from some birds and crisp air during a hike around the camp – lovely to see all the ferns, wildflowers and signs of spring popping out. Last but not least good conversations and an almost unlimited supply of chocolate.

I was able to read a few books and catch up on some e-books I had downloaded(last year!). Nice to finally get those taken care of.

I’m really ready for spring – it snowed a bit on Friday and we may be getting some tonight as well. I’m itching to get out and clean up the garden and start planting. I received some geraniums in the mail today and I have seeds for my cool season veggies to put in the garden.

I need to get back to the pool – I haven’t been there yet this month which means I’m way behind schedule. I will definitely need to do better next month. I should go before then but I don’t think I’ll make it. I’m shopping for the food to prepare for our church’s Lenten dinner tomorrow, I have 2 lunch dates with friends(one a very belated birthday celebration), I’m helping my son make dessert for his Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet and I need to get supplies for the girl to make desserts for the youth group progressive dinner this weekend. Not much time to fit in swimming.

I definitely need to come up with a schedule so I can at least try to get things done. I’m great at making them but not very good at following them. But you never know, this time around could be the time it sticks.  Do you have a schedule, a routine or just fly by the seat of your pants?? I’m curious and would love to hear from you – don’t be shy – someone has to go first and it might as well be you. Please leave a comment.  Thanks

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