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Declutter Tracker

I’m going to post on this page the items I have decluttered. I would like to reach 100 items by the end of 2011.

1  blouses given to a friend

2  broken refrigerator magnets thrown in the trash

3  refrigerator magnets given to goodwill

4  napkin holders given to goodwill

5  index card holders given to goodwill

6  small metal basket given to goodwill

7  small wicker basket given to goodwill

8  jigsaw puzzles sold  to half price books

9  magazines sold to half price books

10 quilt project book sold to half price books

11 broken sprayer for hose thrown in trash

12 broken play yard fencing thrown in the trash

13 Cloth placemats to VV

14 Ceramic sleigh decoration to VV

15 Plastic drying rack  to VV

16 Long sleeve Ladies sweater to VV

17 Beaters for hand held mixer, wrong size to VV

18 Ladies skirts to VV

19 Ladies camisole to VV

20 Pair of Ladies shoes to VV

21 Curling irons to VV

22 A torn canvas bag put in the trash

23 Plastic wallet type coupon organizer to VV

24 Small black purse to VV

25 Plastic pancake flippers to VV

26 Pocket-sized Italian dictionary to VV

27 Small wicker baskets to VV

28 Upholstered chair with stuffing missing and broken, to trash

29 Afghan instruction book to VV

30 Ladies pants to VV

31 Collection of old 45’s, mostly children’s to VV

32 Infant size nasal aspirator to VV

32 Christmas tablecloth to VV

33 Bedside caddy toVV

34 White cardigan to a friend

35 Yellow Oxford shirt to a friend

36 Lacy white top to a friend

37 Pajamas to a friend

38 Long sleeve t-shirts to a friend

39 Crochet hook pouch to a friend

40 Black dress with jacket to VV

41 Denim jumper  to VV

42 Pirate lunchbox to VV

43 Broken cross decoration to trash

44 Broken souvenir plate to trash

45 Moldy lavendar stalks to trash

46 Old AAA card to trash

47 Old car registration and insurance cards to trash

48 Misc trash from inside car to trash

49 Photos – blurry, copies, unwanted – to trash

50 Sewing patterns to VV/Goodwill box

51 Plastic box for index cards to VV/Goodwill box

52 Bowdabra craft tool to VV/Goodwill box

53 Bag of Easter Grass to VV/Goodwill box

54 Plastic mixing bowls to VV/Goodwill box

55 Plastic measuring cup to the VV/Goodwill box

56 Crochet hooks to the group at church

57 No longer scented potpourri sachets to the trash

58 Rectangular roasting pan and lid to Goodwill

59 broiler pan and rack to Goodwill

60 large tupperware bowl  to Goodwill

61 Oval roasting pan with lid to Goodwill

62 Ladies leather car coat to Goodwill

63 Pair of ladies jeans to Goodwill

64 Christmas stocking to Goodwill

65 Index card box to Goodwill

66 Holiday photo frames regifted

Didn’t make it to 100 but I’m going to keep on going in 2012. I hope to be an example for the rest of my family and get some stuff out of this house!

67  Plastic containers sent home with party guests

68  Magazines into box for Half Price Books visit

69  Broken cover for a battery in some type of plastic toy/tool?? thrown in the trash

70  Broken nail clippers thrown in the trash

71  Broken hangers thrown in the trash

72  Broken cell phone belt clips (2) thrown in the trash

73  Broken adapter to use in car lighter space thrown in the trash

Comments on: "Declutter Tracker" (2)

  1. is VV “Vietnam Vets”? Do they come to your place and collect the stuff or do you drop it off? Why did you choose them over Goodwill? Closer? Easier?

    I just noticed today that you replied to a number of my comments – I wonder how I can get e-mail notification of that? Must check it out as I rely on that for all your actual blog posts.

    OK; I see what I have to do. Just check the box below that says “notify me of follow-up comments” Talk about being sleep-deprived and half switched off most of the time!

    • Yes, it is the Vietnam Vets – they will come and pick up which makes it very easy. Plus I just didn’t want to drag the kids with me to go to Goodwill

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