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March Results

Another month in the books. Let’s start with the good – decluttering. I have been doing a really good job with this goal. This month I got rid of 76 items. Since I still have a bunch of things that could/should go this may be my easiest goal to achieve.

Another good thing was getting to bed on time. I really made an effort to get in bed by 10:30pm this month. I made the goal 26 out of 31 days this month(83%). And I’ve been keeping it up so far this month.

I did a better job of keeping track of my efforts with the boy ending up with 21 out of 31 days(70%). I can see progress and we will continue to work on getting him to take more responsibility for making sure his daily tasks are done.

Now for the bad – I was on the computer past 10 pm for 22/31 days(29%)! I just can’t seem to pull myself away from it. I always say that it doesn’t keep me from falling asleep but does it mess with the quality of my sleep?? I’m not sure about that anymore.

On to April’s goals – still going to declutter at least 25 items and work on training the boy. My third goal this month is to exercise for at least 5 minutes everyday. I’ve really gotten away from doing anything and need to get something going. I’ve been doing some exercises using my body weight and light dumbbells 4 days a week, yoga 2 days and taking a walk the other day. I’ve also been trying to do a minute or two of stretching before I go to sleep. It isn’t much but I need to start the habit of doing something and then I can build on it.

What are your goals for the month? Please share in the comments

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  1. Good going on getting to bed quite reliably at your set time. And for the continuing decluttering.

    You’ve inspired me to actually keep a tally of days to bed by a certain time. I know I should set 10 pm as my in-bed-with-lights-off time, but I think I’m also going to make it 10.30 pm. As from today, will keep a tally.

    I also took a box of items to Goodwill, but I forgot to count them and I forgot to take note of what they were!!! I’d had the box ready to go for so long, that I’d forgotten what was inside. And I didn’t want to risk opening it to look and perhaps change my mind about some items (as I’ve been known to do).

    Thanks you for blogging – it helps me, too!

    • I don’t let Matthew look in my boxes because he always decides he wants something that he previously said he didn’t want. It would be easier if I didn’t keep the boxes for so long. I don’t want to schedule a pick up for just one box but then I let them pile up for too long.

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