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Tuesday Tidbits

Just another unedited, sloppy edition of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Finished the ten day detox – wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be but I’m glad to be done. After meeting with the doctor and reviewing my blood work, I’ve got a plan for Thanksgiving dinner and how to begin to add back foods. On Thanksgiving day I’ll be able to eat anything except sugar and then I’ll do a couple of days on the restricted diet. Then I’ll slowly add back in the major possible allergens and see if I have any reactions. Should be an interesting few weeks.

According to my bloodwork, my thyroid is not working and is probably why I’m struggling to lose weight and have little energy. She majorly increased my thyroid meds and will check my levels at the end of December.  Really need to do a better job of monitoring myself and doing the things that give me energy. Till the end of the year I’m going to really work on getting to bed before 10 pm.

Another thing I need to work on is doing a better job of creating and sticking to boundaries when it comes to my children. Yesterday I agreed to do a favor for the girl. I was supposed to pick her and her laundry up and bring them here so she could do her wash and pick up some Christmas decorations for her place. I go over there and realize I forgot to bring my phone. I stand out in the cold knocking, then pounding on her door but get no answer.  I leave because I need to be home to let the boy into the house. I’m thinking “maybe she left me a message saying she couldn’t make it.” What do I find when I get home? A message asking when am I going to get there? Turns out she was there but upstairs and couldn’t hear me knocking. Maybe it’s just me, but if someone was doing me a favor, I would be waiting by the door so I wouldn’t keep them waiting. Then what do I do? I agree to come and get her after I take the boy to karate – knowing full well that I’ll probably be up past my bedtime waiting for her to get done -arggh!On the flip side, we did have some good conversation although I did not call her out on her behavior which I really should have.

I’m looking for a new artificial Christmas tree. I’d prefer a real tree but with the cat and the possibility of traveling, I’m looking at artificial this year. We have one that my husband had before we got married – so we’re talking at least 20+ years old- but it is just looking sad anymore. Target has one on sale that I like just need too make sure that it will fit in the space. Although with the cat, we may decide to put it upstairs. There would be no problem with it fitting if we do that. We usually put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving so I need to get to the store soon. If you celebrate, when do you start decorating for the holidays? Leave me a comment with details – I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, have a great day wherever you are.


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