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The first week of the challenge has passed. How did you do? Did you start off strong, forget to start or something in between? Let me know in the comments.

For my first week, I went through my kitchen cabinets and decided to get rid of expired stuff – mostly stuff that I bought thinking I would try something new but never got around  to doing anything with.  Then I started in on some of the art supplies my daughter got from my mother in law. Here’s the list of things I tossed this week –

5 herb mixes I got at the home show 2(yes!) years ago

1 package of spring roll wrappers

2 bottles of fish oil supplement

2 empty spray paint cans

That makes my total 10 for week one – only 100 items to go!

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve done this week – please leave a comment and let me know.


Comments on: "100 Day Challenge Progress Report -v.1" (4)

  1. Well, not so good this side. In the first week, I did ask my Mom to relate the story of her day of birth, and I managed to record it. Strangely, my Mom was a bit hesitant with the story this time, maybe because she knew I was recording it, and that it was now going to be written up as the “official” version. Before, when telling stories about her childhood/youth, my Mom spoke fluidly and effortlessly. This time, I had to keep encouraging her. It was sad to hear.
    So, I haven’t done any more recording this week during my phone calls to my Mom, as didn’t want to make it too anxiety-provoking.

    On the sorting through paperwork –first week, I went through 7 items (gas bills and water bills that had piled up since I got back in May.) But, nothing so far this week. Every day I plan to get going on sorting through more of the stuff, but then I get overwhelmed, and give up. Or, I spend far too much time researching “best dry and wet cat foods!”

    • Hopefully as time goes on your mom will relax and the stories will flow again. It will be such a treasure to have when it is all done.

      It is so easy to get overwhelmed when looking at a big pile of papers(I have one right now on my desk) but sometimes if I say I’ll just do five minutes, I get going and end up doing more than I thought I could.

      Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement. I decided to check your blog directly, and found your welcome comment.

    And also your post about your Week 2 of sorting and discarding foodstuff, some furniture, etc. I always find it hard, initially, to throw out food, even if old and expired. But once it’s in the trash — and out of sight — a relief!

    Isn’t it weird that these never arrived in my in box? – I went and re-checked. I had been worried when I never got your weekly update.

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