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Who is up for a challenge?

2016 is winding down and  I’d like to go out with a strong finish. Once again I’m thinking about doing a 100 day challenge to close out the year.  A challenge is always easier when you can get/give support to someone else who is also working towards a goal. So I’m throwing it out to you-  my loyal reader J, those of you who follow but don’t comment and those of you who stumbled across this blog today. Please join me – think of some goal you want to accomplish, a habit you want to start, a habit you want to get rid of, anything at all – and make the commitment to do something for 100 days straight.

Start thinking about your choices. For me the options are – letting go of 100 things, committing to 5 minutes of meditation daily, walking at least five miles a day, and/or spending at  least an hour a week doing something related to my job search.

The starting date for the challenge will be Friday, September 23rd. If you are willing to participate, please leave a comment below stating what your challenge will be. I’ll have a weekly update post where you can leave a comment with your progress or lack of progress and  I’ll respond with some support/encouragement to everyone who is playing along. I hope some of you will consider joining in and look forward to hearing what your goals are.

Comments on: "Who is up for a challenge?" (4)

  1. Yes, I’m up for it! Great idea.

    Here are some options I’m going to consider. A few of them are very similar to yours (hope that’s OK):

    Up to five mins of meditation a day (BTW — I saw that our local library has a mediation class each Mon evening; I’ve thought of going to one, or a few, as I don’t have the foggiest idea how to even start w meditation.)

    I need to start getting some exercise. So: walk for twenty minutes to half and hour at least five days a week.

    Sort through, file, deal with the towering mounds of paperwork in my “office.”

    Decrease my intake of added sugar.

    Interview my elderly mom once or twice a week (before she gets too forgetful) and write up short pieces about various aspects of her life.

    You’ve given me lots to mull over!

    • They all sound good – I especially like the one about interviewing your mom that sounds like it would be really interesting. I should do something about my sugar intake – it has been all over the place lately, hmm. I’ll think about it.

      • I’m definitely going to do the “interview-my-Mom” one.
        Because time is so fleeting, and I really shouldn’t put it off. I’ve been meaning to do it for *decades*.
        So, this will be a good incentive.

        How does it work –do we check in on the blog with our updates once a week?

  2. I’ll do a post probably on Mondays where we can let everyone know how we are progressing on our chosen goal(s). I’m still debating on mine but will decide soon and post for everyone to see.

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