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Tidbit Thursday

Just another unedited, sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Seeing all the first day of school pictures on Facebook has made me feel like a bad mom – I have never taken a first day of school photo of either one of my children. It is so easy to compare and then feel lacking but I need to not do that. I have certain strengths as a mother and photo taking is just not one of them. It doesn’t make me a bad mom, it just means I value other things.

The boy was actually looking forward to the first day and so far the week has gone well.  He is with a new bunch of kids and hopefully he will make some new friends.  Last year the class had more than its share of trouble makers, hopefully that won’t be the case this year. Tonight is Back To School Night and I’m looking forward to meeting his teachers.

I’ve spent the week binge watching old CSI episodes but I’m planning to get myself on a schedule so that I can be a bit more productive.  This month, I want to get more of the garden cleaned up and ready for winter; work on some craft projects; meet up with friends and try to declutter some stuff. I have a box of books to take to Half Price Books and several bags to donate  and I’d like to get rid of more before the month is over.

My dad is coming home tomorrow. My sister and I are a bit nervous but Dad is super excited. He will be receiving a bit more therapy and of course the dialysis treatments but overall he has rebounded greatly. Still waiting to hear what the cardiologist had to say about his progress.

Need to be on my way. I hope wherever and whatever you are doing, you are having a great day. Be back next week.


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