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Tidbit Thursday

Just another unedited, sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

The boy has been sick this week and missed going to camp. I missed the chance to have solid blocks of alone time to try and get myself back together. This has been a crazy summer and I was looking forward to a chance to try to regroup a bit.

We are headed back to see my dad this weekend. He has been moved to a skilled nursing facility to get some rehab before returning home. There are a lot of arrangements to be made before that happens. We need to make some things a bit more accessible and we need to find transportation to and from dialysis. that will be the really hard part since he lives in a small town with out bus service.

Have been out in the garden weeding a bit each day. Mostly it’s just keeping the few areas I managed to clear out to stay clear. There are still whole areas that need to be started and then kept up with. Looks like another summer where the plans were bigger than the efforts. Perhaps some day I’ll manage to get what I plan done but not this summer.

Need to pack and do a couple of things to get ready for the trip. Have a great day wherever you are.

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