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Tidbit Tuesday

Just another unedited/sloppy edition of the thoughts rolling around in my head today…

The boy and his friends built a snow ramp down the front steps and then added a bump and had a great time sledding down. So nice to see him outside away from a screen for awhile.  Sad to see that it is melting away already – we hit 45 degrees today.

I’m learning a lot about cats.  Marco, our cat, is a very snuggly cat which was a surprise to me. I’ve always thought of cats as not wanting much attention but Marco loves being around people. He also loves to jump on the counters and drink from the water spigot, any cup of water left out and my husband’s water bottle. We have a cardboard box full of scrap paper that we store under a bench and he loves to get in it and go to sleep.

We were turned down for a transfer to the online school but the guidance counselor is trying to work out a deal for a shortened day. Hopefully it will work out and the girl will be able to graduate. It appears that she is beginning to change her mind and wants to get the diploma – thank goodness.

I still haven’t done anything about determining my one word for 2016 or setting goals for the year. I’ve been trying to set up some daily routines but lately it hasn’t been going so well.  Need to get my butt in gear and make some decisions and then start working on things. I’ve spent too much time waiting till I feel like doing something which means nothing gets done. I just need to get started on something – anything! Right now it is getting the sheets out of the dryer and onto the bed.

Hope you are having a great day  wherever you are.


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