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One Word

Well, this has been a disappointing year. It started out with big goals and high hopes but things didn’t quite go as planned. Once again I was unable/did not follow through with my plans.  I could give a lot of reasons for that however I’m just going to say that once again I am left looking back at a year of missed opportunities and failed plans. I really want 2016 to be different.

I’ve been thinking about my one word for this year and there are so many possibilities to choose from. I did one of those random generators on Facebook(using several versions of my name) and the one that resonated with me was “Change – your next year will be founded on change. New challenges will bring you much happiness.”  I need to change – my thought patterns, my behaviors, my life.  There are so many things I’d like to do but unless I make changes I’ll never get them done.

When I looked at  the Oneword365.Com site, several more words caught my attention – commit, discipline, persevere, progress. I really liked what one person wrote about not looking at things as pass or fail but through the lens of progress – that’s what I need to do. I need to make changes in order to make progress  in several areas this year. I often say that I just need to keep taking baby steps and eventually I’ll get where I want to go. Unfortunately it is very easy for me to get discouraged with the small amounts of progress I make with those baby steps.

I’m going to sleep on things before deciding on my word for next year. Do you/have you chosen a word for the year? Please share your word if you have one.

Here’s hoping that 2016 is a fabulous year for you and me.

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