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Fitness Friday

As I posted last month, I have been struggling with a foot problem and haven’t been getting my daily walks.  My husband, at the first sign of a problem will take a pill or call the doctor but I’m more the wait and see type. Partly because I think the body has its own way of dealing with things if we let it be, partly because I hate making  phone calls and partly because I don’t want to get bad news.

So when my foot started to hurt and I couldn’t remember injuring it in any way, I just tried to take it easy for awhile. When that didn’t work and I remembered my osteopenia diagnosis, I decided to go to Urgent care(bypassing the need to call and make an appointment). They took an x-ray and nothing was broken and the diagnosis was metatarsalgia. I was advised to rest, ice my foot, take Advil and see a podiatrist if the pain continued.

After taking some time to rest and take some Advil, things improved. However, it isn’t completely better. There are still some problems that are annoying but not really painful. Or I should say hadn’t been painful. However, lately I’ve been having some knee and hip pain which I think may be caused by my attempts to avoid putting too much weight/pressure on my foot. Also the lack of daily walking out in nature hasn’t done much for my disposition and with the other things going on in my life I really need the lift I get from those walks. I think I need to bite the bullet and make a phone call.

The sunshine is calling and the garden is yelling “come out and do something” so I think I’ll close for now and try to get something – anything done outside.

Until next time- have a great day.

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