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Tidbit Thursday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

GRR – Just spent a chunk of time typing a post only to lose it to the black hole of the internet. Hate when that happens. I finally get my act together to post something and then it disappears. Don’t have the time or energy to redo it all now but hopefully I’ll manage to get it back again soon. Right now I need to see what my son is up to – it is entirely too quiet around here. After that I need to get groceries and make dinner. I’ll try to get back on later.

So, my original post was mostly about how hard it is to admit that all those things you said you were going to do “someday” are probably not ever going to happen and how I need to make some decisions about my “someday” projects. My major area of concern right now is my yard. I have so many garden areas and they are all in need of work. There is deadheading, pruning, dividing, transplanting, harvesting, stump removal, thistle removal and lots and lots of weeding to be done.  I have more work than I have time, energy or motivation to complete. I hate the thought of paying someone to do it because it is all work that I am capable of doing. However the truth is that in my emotional state right now, it is beyond my ability to get it done and it is causing me emotional distress every time I think about it. I need to bite the bullet and get someone in to clear things out and then commit to doing regular work to keep things under control or let it go back to being a yard for my husband to mow. It hurts to admit that but it is the reality of my situation.

Off to get some work done. Until next time – have a great day everyone.

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