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Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

So frustrating when you finally get around to try to complete a project and run out of supplies. Then you discover that you can’t find the exact thing to match unless you spend a whole lot more money -UGH!

First few weeks of school have gone pretty smoothly, hope it will continue a bit longer. The boy is not happy with the amount of homework but I don’t  think it has been that bad so far.

Need to get to work on gathering information to fill out financial aid forms now that the girl has decided to apply to some colleges. Not looking forward to that task.

My one lone pepper is finally turning red, there is one tomato that will hopefully last long enough to turn red and the second crop of raspberries are coming in. Think I’ll need the ladder to harvest the pears.

Starting to get hungry as I can smell the meat cooking in the roaster – swiss steak over rice for dinner tonight.

Off to finish the laundry before people starting coming home and the evening fun begins.

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