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UPDATE as of 3/1/2015 – have only completed 3 tasks, definitely need to get cracking and get some work done. We’ll see how it goes this month.

This is my list of routines to start performing and projects to complete during 2015. For now I’m just writing the item and then later I’ll explain what the item is and why it is on the list. Some of them have definite times when they will need to be done and others can be done at any time throughout the year.  Here they are in no particular order…

  1. Yellow dot information – health information to store in your car in case you are in an accident and unable to speak
  2. Vials of life information – health information to store in your refrigerator to aid EMT’s who are called to your home
  3. Bedroom curtains – need to get something up to block the streetlight and the neighbor’s motion lights so I can get some good sleep
  4. Garden Stones – decorations/borders for in the garden/yard
  5. The girl’s quilt – she picked out the pattern and fabric ages ago and we need to get it finished before she graduates in 2016
  6. Oven – took out the racks to do self-clean cycle, it didn’t work and then I couldn’t get the racks back in – been waiting for repair for years
  7. Paperback swap/book mooch – lots of books I’ve read and no longer want, been meaning to try these services out and now is the time
  8. The girl’s scrapbooks
  9. The boy’s scrapbooks
  10. Ott light bulbs – I have several Ott lights that need new bulbs but I haven’t been able to find the bulbs when I go to the store, maybe it’s time to order on line?
  11. Credit report routine – should be checking these on a regular basis
  12. Names of Jesus garland-Christmas
  13. Names of Jesus garland – Easter
  14. Get new glasses – lost my reading glasses 11/13 and still haven’t replaced them, probably will need new far and near vision lenses
  15. Duvet cover – comforter has several tears which can not really be repaired and look nice so I got fabric to make a duvet cover but it is just sitting by my sewing machine
  16. Get new bras – current ones are several years old – dingy, out of shape and definitely need replaced but I hate shopping especially for them
  17. Mammogram  Completed 2/13/15
  18. Recipe tryouts/purge
  19. Read 52 books from my shelves
  20. Monthly budget meeting routine – Need to keep track of what we are bringing in and what we are spending. Want to get serious about charity giving, savings, vacation fund and remodeling . Started having weekly meetings with the hubby on 1/8/15
  21. Taxes paperwork routine
  22. List of financial data
  23. Train table wraparound
  24. Clean/disinfect plant pots
  25. Put up mason bee home
  26. Israel trip – prepare for the trip, take the trip and put things away once I get back home  Done 2/28/15
  27. Bulletin board calendars
  28. Massage – quarterly/monthly??
  29. Design/plan garden for shop building entrance
  30. Advent wreath candles
  31. Rudolph wreath
  32. Mom’s pinecone wreath
  33. Easter wreath
  34. Blueberries
  35. Dig up tree stumps
  36. Box to presby
  37. Lutheran Seniorlife/Lutheran Service Society
  38. Dad’s credit card report
  39. Dad’s funeral prep
  40. Clean up/purge laptop downloads
  41. Clean up/purge laptop ebooks
  42. Clean up/purge computer downloads
  43. Clean up/purge computer recipes
  44. Clean up/purge computer favorites




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