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Tuesday Tidbits

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

How peaceful it is now that the first week of school is over and we are settling into our new routine. There will be some tweaking and fine-tuning to do but things are beginning to shape up and hopefully we will get off to a strong start this week.

I’m not ready to lose the slave labor(aka the kiddos) in the garden but I am savoring the silence and the solitude during the day. I have truly missed these hours alone with time to putter about, read, goof off on the computer and just be free to enjoy whatever calls to me. It  really a struggle for me when I don’t have that time by myself.

Was hoping to get out into the garden over the weekend but family obligations and the weather kept me away.  There is so much to do and I’ve been doing a little bit in an area and then moving onto the next space but I’m not going to get everything done before winter comes.  I’d like to get one or two areas completely done instead of just doing a bit in every area. The question is where to focus?? Need to give it some thought.

August was not a great month for fitness and I need to develop a better schedule/routine for the fall. I have some ideas but will need to wait to see if they will work. The pool is closed for maintenance this week but next week I’m going to try to do 2 afternoon sessions and see if they will work in my daily routine. Getting back to the routine of school bus walks should help with my step goal and I need to stick to my daily walk on the weekend as well.

Definitely need to get serious about taxes – our accountant got an extension and the deadline is coming up. I’ve had months to get it all together but I have not done it. I keep putting it off and now I really must do it. Ugh- why do I do this to myself?

Off to scour the freezer for dinner options for the week. Have a wonderful day.

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