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Tuesday Tidbits

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I’m feeling good about the work I’ve accomplished in the weed forest – still lots to go but there is a noticeable improvement. We’ve started to cut down the dead trees and I’m looking into possible replacements.

I’m feeling happy that my  son has made some friends in the neighborhood – it’s nice to not have to listen to the “there’s nothing to do” chorus.

I’m feeling frustrated because my daughter seems completely unable to follow simple rules and torn as to what possible consequences I can try this time around. It seems as though nothing ever really lasts and I’m tired of the battle. I can’t give up as I’ve done in the past but it is tough to stay the course.

I’m pleased that I finally got off my butt and got to the pool today – only 200 meters but it’s a start. First time in over 4 months – need to get serious about getting there at least once every week.

I really want/need to get myself into a more productive routine. I’m spending too much time on what I want to do and not enough on the things I need to do. It is starting to catch up to me in not so great ways – ugh.

I’m going to close for now before I get myself into a negative mindset – off to do something productive like finishing up the laundry.

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