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Fitness Friday

Update on this year’s fitness goals – original goal in bold and updated goal in italics

Steps – 10,000/day = 3,650,000 minimum    13,700/day =  5,000,000 stretch  

total as of 3/31/14  1,172,955   worked out to an average of 13038 daily which is 662 steps short of my stretch goal

New goal   10,000/day =3,650,000 minimum    13,917/daily = 5,000,000 stretch

I am pleased with my progress so far – I figured that the weather might make it tough to meet my stretch goal this quarter and it did. I expect to have an easier time meeting the stretch goal during the next 6 months when the weather is better. We’ll see how I do.

I have not done as well with my swimming goals. Between the frigid temperatures, kids home due to school closings and the pool closed for repairs I have not done much swimming but hope to do better beginning now!

Minimum goal – 26,000 meters     stretch goal 52,000 meters

Total as of 3/31/14  1250 meters

New goal  2750 meters/month =26,000 minimum    5650 meters/month =52,000 stretch

Did you make any fitness goals for this year? How are you doing? Let me know and I’ll cheer you along.



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