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402 Down and 1098 To Go

Measure Up Monday – a semi-regular feature where I update the progress of  one or more of my goals.

I located yet another tiny piece of paper with some books I’ve  read and  just spent half an hour updating my  list and hopefully it is now up to date. When I started this blog one of my 6 goals was to read 1500 books, so far I have read 402.

So far this year I have read 42 books – not a pace I am likely to keep up but a good dent in my goal for the year. I  have read a lot of fiction lately. I tend to read those books in one sitting because I hate be kept hanging – I want to know how it ends and I want to know now! This is good for my reading goal but not so good for my fitness goals, the cleanliness of my house or the nutrition of my family.

I will try to get a review post up later this week although it will just include my non-fiction reads because there are just too many fiction books and it is harder for me to review them.

What have you been reading lately? How do you fit reading into your life? I’d love to hear from you and perhaps get some new ideas.

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