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Tuesday Tidbits

Another installment of the random thoughts running around in my head…

I love snow but I’ve just about had enough this year. It wasn’t much this morning but it did cover the sidewalks and roads which led to several accidents and an hour trip to the accountant’s office.

Finally got the business tax information collected and into the hands of the accountant. Next up is all the personal stuff – ugh. It doesn’t really take that long but I dread the process and end up prolonging my agony by putting it off day after day after day.

I think that I have decided to go to Israel with a group from my church. I was hoping the whole family would go – it is a wonderful educational opportunity that may not come again. However it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I was feeling like I should stay home to keep things running smoothly but I’ve decided that the kids are old enough to help out and take care of things while I’m gone. Now to see if there is still room on the tour. It would be just my luck that the trip would be already filled to capacity.

Took the kids to see my dad while he was nearby visiting with his sister and her husband. It is so nice to spend time with them – I should do it more often. We definitely spent more time with my relatives when I was a child then my kids do now. I think they are missing out on some good things but everyone is so busy these days and we are so spread out. It just isn’t as easy to get together any more.

Need to make some dinner plans/preparations,  so I’ll close for today. Hope you have a great day


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