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Fitness Friday

I found 4 tests for fitness and thought I would use them for my benchmarks throughout the year. For aerobic fitness there are 2 tests – a timed one mile walk and a 3 minute step exercise. It has definitely been too cold to go out and do the mile walk and I haven’t measured my steps to see if they will work, so I don’t have a baseline for those yet.

The other 2 tests are pushups to measure muscular strength/endurance and an ab curl to measure abdominal strength/endurance. I was a bit worried about the pushup test because I have no upper body strength. However I was pleased to discover that I was able to do 13 bent knee pushups in the 60 second time limit. That put me in the average category for my age.

Then I tried the ab test.  You have to reach a certain spot with your fingertips in order to count the curl. You have 60 seconds to do as many as you can. I couldn’t even do one! It was very depressing. Since I don’t think I can lengthen my arms, I decided I will need to start doing more work to strengthen my abs. I did a yoga tape yesterday and now today my abs are actually sore. I guess I overdid it – I’ll need to try to take it down a little and not overdo.

Goal update – steps were not as much as I would like due to the frigid weather around here. I did manage to get 10,000 everyday but not much more on several days. My total for January is 107,221 steps.

Swimming is not going so well. I have not been as much as I would like. Actually I have only been once and that was today. It was a rough workout. There were a lot of people in the pool and the water was very choppy. I did manage to get my 10 laps but it was very tough to do.  My total for the month is 500 meters.

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