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Did some more work on my book lists. It is amazing how much there is to do on both of these lists. I keep finding more books to add to my books to read list. I’ve discovered that I am way behind in several series that I have started and that some of the new authors I have discovered have several other books that sound good. I definitely need to get back into the routine of reading books everyday. I have been spending too much time at the computer. Some of it is good – blogs like the 31 dayers- but other stuff not so good – endless¬†computer games, reading facebook updates of people that I really don’t need to know about, celebrity information and the endless rabbit trails that crop up.

I have 15 pages of reading history on my library card to go through. There are 20 items on each page – 300 items!! Not all are books to add to the 1500 challenge list – some are dvds of Criminal Minds and some are things my kids have put on my card because they didn’t have their card at the time. Still, I need to go through the items and see which ones I need to put on the list. This could easily be several hours worth of work. I ‘m not going to think of that – I’m just going to take baby steps and do 15 minutes worth of work whenever I can fit it in. It will eventually get done and then the job will be to stay current.

Enough of this for today – it is time to get off the computer and do something else.

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