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Time for another update. Things are moving along. Today was family day in the garden. We were able to get quite a bit done. It always helps when you can get some slave labor to boss around. I have now completed 5 tasks and made progress on 5 more.  There are 2 tasks that I have not yet done anything about.

1. Library wish list – have a bunch of books written down on little slips of paper and want to put them all on the library’s wish list – have done some work on this
2. Books I’ve read list – same thing – I have little slips of paper with the books I’ve read and need to get them all on here so I can see how many I have read and how close I am to my 1500 goal – added 20 books to the list, still have lots more to go since I realized that I haven’t updated since July of 2012
3. Zen garden – need to put down newspaper, weed fabric and sand; dig a border and fill with pond stones; arrange my big rocks  –have finished the newspaper, weed fabric and the stone border, got the sand but now I’m debating whether I want to do it now or leave it until winter is over
4. Shrub area – finish mulching – this is done
5. Orchard – weed, seed, cut down trees – have done some weeding, did the seeding
6. Veggie beds – harvest, pull out and dispose of plants, add compost, cover for winter – harvest is completed, most plants are out – only have one eggplant bush and bed to take care of
7. Compost – empty out bin – this is completed.
8. Bookcase – put together, put books on – this is completed
9. Quilt fabrics – sort and figure out how/where to store
10. Mat for loft – order mat for exercise area – ordered, arrived, put together and ready to use
11. Yard sale leftovers – put in bags/boxes and arrange for pickup
12. Business IRA forms – need to fill out and send in – this is done

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