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Another beautiful day in the garden. I did some work in the veggie beds. I have 8 beds that need to be readied for winter. I need to harvest and then pull the watermelon, butternut squash and eggplant. I need to pull out the corn stalks and decide if I want to use them for decorations or just toss them. Then I need to dig trenches in each bed, add compost and then cover.

Today I was able to completely finish one bed and dig trenches in 5 beds. Progress is being made even though I haven’t been able to cross anything off the list yet.

They are calling for rain tomorrow so I may not be out in the garden tomorrow. I need to think which of the other tasks I might do if the rain does come. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Comments on: "31 days toward completion – day 2" (5)

  1. do you have a link on how to “winterize” garden beds? It’s my first year doing raised garden beds and I’m not sure what to do with them in the winter, I’ve read about cover crops, and I’ve also read about waiting until the spring to add the compost. Any tips?

    • Sorry, no link but I’ll tell you what I do with mine. What I’ve always done before was to pull everything out and then rake it smooth. Next I would cover with a layer of newspapers and then put weed fabric on top of that. Then in the spring I would take off the newspaper and save it for my compost bin. Then I would dig up an inch or two of soil, add some compost and mix the stuff together. Then I rake it smooth and plant. This year I am trying something new. I’m digging a trench in the beds and then adding my partially decomposed compost and covering it with soil. Then I’ll cover as usual. Hopefully in the spring the stuff will be fully decomposed and I can just plant what I want in the beds. We’ll see how it looks come next spring. I’ve never done the cover crops because it seemed like more work to me. Good luck

  2. Jill Traub said:

    Hi Misty,

    Have been enjoying reading about your new challenge. It’s really inspiring, and I’m hoping infectious, too.

    Sorry haven’t been in touch. My dad has been very sick – was hospitalized for a week. He is back home now but not doing so well. He is pretty much confined to bed now. My mind has been in a whirl just worrying and thinking about what to do.

    i will phone home again later today to find out how everyone is doing today. The docs have taken him off all medications, which is weird and worrying. I know it was because of bad kidney and liver damage caused by the chemo and pain meds, but still what now? The docs are so rushed and have no compassion or time to explain anything.

    Thank goodness next week is my last at work. I am so done with all that and the negative personality that I have to encounter there very day.

    Plus my tooth is sooooooooooooo sore from the root canal and crown.

    Off now to have breakfast and then try to get caught up on so many things around here.

    Sorry to be whining …


    • Don’t apologize – you have a right to whine just don’t stay in that state of mind!

      So sorry to hear about your dad. I know you have been expecting it but we are never really ready for it to happen. I hope you will be able to spend some time with him soon. We’ll add him and your family to our prayers. How are you mom and Louise holding up?

      I was so happy to learn that I needed nothing for my teeth when I went to the dentist. Hope you are doing better soon. Let me know when you are up for a visit. I have a bunch of stuff to alter/mend!

      take care

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