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31 days

31 buttonSo, I am of two minds about linking up to the 31 day thing. On the one hand, it would give me an incentive to publish every day – knowing that people might be stopping by to see what I have to say. But on the other hand, I don’t know if I really want to have the traffic it might bring.

I have always struggled with the “purpose” of this blog. Mostly, I want it to be a record of my journey towards my goals. Which means that I only have to please myself with when or what I choose to write or not write. I don’t have to worry if it is boring to keep writing mostly the same stuff over and over again. On the other hand, it is nice to have people comment and respond to the things I write. But then I feel pressured to write regularly or try to choose a niche and write about certain topics on certain days so that the readers will stay and continue to comment. I’m still wondering about which way to go.

Well, after attempting to learn how to create a button and failing miserably the decision has been made for me. I will not link up. I will just do it for myself and enjoy what other people are writing. That works for me.

UPDATE – as noted in my day 6 post I was gifted with a button by Andi from at http://www.anestfullofsquishers.com/ and I am attempting to link up with http://www.thenester.com/.

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