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Progress Report

I am still itching to get out in the garden. I have dug a hole for my rose but am still waiting for it to warm up a bit before I plant it. It looks like we should have some warmer weather coming through and maybe I’ll be able to plant next week. I sure hope so.

I have gotten some work done with my finances and my taxes. Not finished but I’ve made a good start and will keep plugging away at it.

DS gt way too much candy at the Easter Egg hunt and I have been nibbling. I just cannot avoid it if it is here. I try but eventually give in. It has to be out of my reach-if I know where it is, I’ll be eating it.

With the increased sunshine, I have been outside a bit more so I’m moving a least a little bit more each day.

Hope you are enjoying some nice sunny spring weather wherever you are.

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