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Fitness Failure

I am a failure at fitness. I have not made progress in my attempts to do something – anything on a regular basis. I have been pondering this for quite awhile but not coming up with any real answers.

Yesterday I listened to someone talking about how to get anything you want. She mentioned the words we use and how they cause us to move or not move towards our goals. Saying “I can’t…” usually really means “I won’t…” or “I don’t…” We need to really examine our thoughts to see what is driving them.

Later on, I was talking with my son about a poor choice he had made. He said “Why do I always want to do the wrong thing?” It made me think about my struggles and I told him that everyone has choices to make and no one always makes the right choice but we need to recognize and learn from our poor choices.

Thinking about those two incidents brings me to the realization that I don’t have the desire to make losing weight a priority right now. I know all the reasons I should and I agree with most of them but it is not a priority for me right now. Right now I am struggling with getting the minimum done each day and then tackling my backlog of tasks. Not having to pay late fines is more important than losing a pound or 2 or more.

I am stepping away form the scale and the pedometer and taking some time to focus on taking of some financial and housekeeping items and maybe I’ll get back to adding fitness in a few weeks when it is a bit warmer and I can get outside to do some things.

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  1. Hi! I think that we all struggle at times, because we don’t have a way to stay motivated. When you decide to come back, you might want to check out Gymshout.com, social fitness tracking website. It tracks your exercise and nutrition to give you an overall score for the day. They also have stats so that you can track your progress, with challenge and battle features coming out soon. And it is all totally free. I love it because it is very motivating and really helps keep you on track. I hope this helps.

  2. I hear you, and I think that’s a wise move. Once you feel you’re getting things accomplished in other areas of your life, you can take it from there.

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