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I Wonder…

I wonder…
why I am always hungry, even though I have eaten plenty?

why does exercise hurt?

why can’t the house clean itself?

what does my son do to his clothes – there are holes that are not from being frayed/worn?

when will my daughter stop thinking I’m useless?

why can’t chocolate and carrots switch their calorie counts??

when will I get enough sleep?

What are you wondering about today?? I’d love to know – drop me a quick comment.

Comments on: "I Wonder…" (4)

  1. Good article. I am going through a few of these issues as well..

  2. Sounds very familiar…from years ago…I’m interested in how old your daughter is that you feel she thinks you’re useless….and is it because of how you’re feeling and are right now? Diane

    • I think it mostly has to do with her being a teenager and trying to start to separate from us and become her own person. I’m hoping that is what it is anyway!

      • That’s about the time things became strained between my daughter and I (many years ago now as I am 67 and she is 43) In my case I went through many years of depression and I think she didn’t understand it at all and so changed how she reacted to me…Looking back I kind of wish that I somehow ‘educated her to know what depression is like’ Now it is talked about more than then when I was going through it…It’s just when you did mention your daughter I wondered…Diane

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