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Here are the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

It is annoying to try to type with a sticky keyboard!

I’ve been offline for awhile for several reasons lately. It was extremely busy here over the holidays, I’ve been in a funk, I’ve been sharing the computer, I haven’t known what to share and what to keep to myself, lack of time – – I could go on and on but I’ll stop here.

I do intend to keep writing but I’m not sure what the content will be. Trying to do 4 posts a week is just not feasible for me. I need to decide how to  make the best use of my time  and what purpose I want this blog to serve.

I am working on developing healthy habits and that means limiting my time in front of this screen. There are so many sources of good information and perhaps I am better off just reading those and not trying to write my own. I just don’t know and I need to think on it.

Friday I leave on retreat again. I am so glad that I have made the commitment to go away for a weekend each January. It is a welcome respite from my daily life.  Perhaps I will get some insight on my next steps. Anyway thanks for reading and commenting over the life of this little blog.

Comments on: "TIDBIT TUESDAY" (2)

  1. I do hope you will continue writing your blog, even if on a limited basis. I have come to look forward to your weekly postings, and they have been an inspiration to me. Good luck with your new plans and I do hope you’ll still share (some) of your progress with us.

  2. Enjoy the retreat. I know that you always find it very rewarding. We must do some more catching up on your return.

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