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TA DA/TA DIDN’T Thursday

Well, I did not get out the decorations and I did not finish my list. I just do not have the Christmas spirit this year. There is lots to do and I should get off the computer and do it. Instead I think I will take a nap. Perhaps I will be refreshed and ready to do something after that.

Hope you are doing better with your list.

Comments on: "TA DA/TA DIDN’T Thursday" (2)

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all have days like this sometime. Imagine giving yourself a hug of encouragement and start just one thing on your to do list and work on it for just 15 minutes. A small win might get you going x

  2. You are right – I have a tendency to beat myself up and get even more discouraged. I need to just take a baby step and get something done. Thanks for the encouragement.

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