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Tid bit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around in my head today …

I am hoping that the weatherman is correct and that tomorrow will be a gorgeous day. I would like to finish cleaning up the orchard and prepare for planting next year. We are going to try to grow either miniclover or thyme around the trees.

I’m wondering if my DS will finish putting out the Halloween decorations he has strewn about the floor.I am trying not to give into my desire for food. I had a good breakfast and a mid-morning snack and should not need any food right now. At least that is what my brain says but my stomach is disagreeing loudly.

I need to shred the chicken breasts I made yesterday and then add them to a pot of soup and make some into enchiladas.

I need to go to the dentist for some work.

I should go to the bank for my DH’s business.

I need to get some garden staples for my work in the orchard.

I should get some more fruit.

I need to exchange a raincoat I received from Lands End.

But what I want to do is  go to the store and look at garden stone kits – I’ve been thinking about making them for in the garden and I have several coupons I could use.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… I’m off to do something.

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