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Well, I hit a bump in the road last week and there are no TA DAS to report. I was feeling miserable and just didn’t want to do much of anything. Lately I seem to be having this feeling quite a bit. I may need to check in with my doctor and make sure everything is okay.

The one thing I did do was a lot of thinking and I know what my biggest mistake has been. I have way too much negative self-talk in my head. I’m constantly beating myself up for making some kind of mistake. Then I decide there is no point in trying and go completely off the path and do more self-defeating behaviors.

I am going to try to concentrate on the present – stop beating myself up about past choices – stop worrying about what might happen – and just be in the moment. I’m going to remind myself(every morning, noon and night/hourbyhour/minute to minute – whatever it takes) to make a good choice and keep moving forward.

Next week’s to dos — Zumba class and continue working in the garden

What’s on your list??

Comments on: "TA DIDN’T/TO DO" (2)

  1. So sorry you’ve been feeling down. That feeling, and being too self-critical, can really interfere w/ones goals – if only we could change our personalities easily!

    This side: still struggling w/ getting enough sleep. Don’t get much done during day as always feel so foggy from lack of sleep. Have to practice turning off light at around 9.30 pm . No work done in garden, and so really must make a last ditch effort before the really cold weather sets in. Mess on desk still unchanged!

  2. I would be first in line for a personality transplant if they would ever offer them!

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