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Fitness Friday – a day late

I tried to post yesterday but it got lost in the internet pending file I guess.  It  was not a good week.

pounds to lose  11.6  yes I went up again

daily step average 15025

I walked more, did a few(ok, a very  few) ab and arm exercises and went to Zumba class. It appears that I need to do more walking and definitely more exercises. I think I need to put a bit more effort into Zumba as well. It is cooler now and I didn’t sweat as much this week – perhaps the sweat was due to the heat and not the exercise.

I would like to think that the weight gain was due to increased muscle mass but clearly that is not so. Instead I must put the blame on the Aldi version of Nutella – I love Nutella but buy it infrequently due to the cost(and the fact that I have no will power). This week I saw a Nutella-like spread and decided to try it and see how it compared.  Bad move – it was gone in 3 days. I know better – I know I have no will power and shouldn’t even buy stuff like that- but I did it anyway.

There are 100 days left in this year and I’m going to buckle down and really work at getting  rid of this weight.  11.6 pounds translates to 186 ounces. That  means I need to lose less than a pound( 14 ounces to be precise) a week – I should – no I will do my best to hit that goal.

How to make it happen??

-Take a least 15000 steps per day

-Write down what I eat and see how much I’m taking in to help me create a daily calorie goal

-Zumba class once a week

-Start doing some exercises for my arms, abs and legs

-Get to bed by 10 pm every day

I may add more later but I’m going to start with these and  work to meet them consistently.

Wish me luck  – I will surely need it and will definitely appreciate  it!

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  1. Only 100 days left until year’s end? Thx for the reminder. And you will do it. I’ll keep checking in.

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