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Tidbit Tuesday

There has been so much going on the past few weeks and I just couldn’t get myself to sit down at the computer and do any blogging. So today I’m going to do a quick wrap up of recent events for my “random thoughts running around in my head” post.

I have just about finished dealing with the things that belonged to my grandma. Need to see if anyone wants some of her clothing before I ship it off to goodwill. I had to toss a bunch due to staining. Since she had downsized several times there really wasn’t a whole lot to do.

I am still at work in the garden. We have an abundance of raspberries, the tomatoes are coming in and the cantaloupes unfortunately went bad before we got around to picking and eating them. We picked our first watermelon and will try it out as soon as we finish the one in the fridge.  We have grilled a few zucchinis and I tortured my daughter by making her grate some. They are in the freezer for later use in baking.

I’ve been happy with my perennials – lots of flowers but way too many weeds. I pick and pick and pick but they keep popping up. Right now my Sweet Autumn Clematis is in bloom and when you walk in and out the door you are hit with their fragrance – heavenly.

Have finally made a bit of progress – a pound lost and an inch off my belly and a half-inch off my waist. Hope to keep making progress. I’ve been lenghtening my daily walk and trying to do more walking in the house as well. July and August were not good walking months and I really need to pick up the pace.

I enjoyed reading quite a few mysteries while my children were playing in the park. I need to get to work on updating my book list.

Hope you enjoyed the last of  your summer vacation and are ready to start enjoying all the joys of the autumn season.  I’ll be back on Thursday.

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