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Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts roaming about my head today…

Wondering what to do without kiddos for 2 days – will be the first time in 14+years that hubby and I have been on our own for more than a few hours.

DD is on her way to New Orleans for a Youth Gathering with other members of our church. She is hoping to do some exploring along with the scheduled activities. She will return on Monday.

DS will leave for his first overnight stay without  a parent. He is going to a sleepover camp for 3 nights. I hope he does okay.

I still have some soreness in my knee but no longer any pain. I’m still having difficulty walking or being on it for long. Not sure what the next move is.

Had some zucchini from the garden last night and I will be picking the last of the lettuce as it is starting to bolt. Need to water everything tomorrow morning.

We have an ant invasion going on. DH put out some traps and we’ll see how they work. It would help if I could get my kids to keep food where it belongs and not sneak it other places.

Think that’s about it for now.

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