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Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around my head today …

Well, I’ve had a little setback. I did something to my leg at boot camp yesterday and I’m in quite a bit of pain. Didn’t go today and don’t think I will be able to go tomorrow. I’ve been resting, icing and elevating my leg – hopefully it will take care of things. I really hope I didn’t do anything too serious.

It has cooled down here at last. It has been comfortable the past couple of days. Still need some rain for the garden but things are doing okay.

Since I’ve been resting I was able to finish two books. Slowly I am whittling my pile down. It would go faster if I could stay away from the library.

The kiddos are getting on each others nerves and I’m getting tired of refereeing. Wish I could  be better at staying calm and finding things for them to do. I always have good intentions for the summer but not enough energy to follow through.

Guess that is it for today – I’ll be back on Thursday.


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