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Fitness Friday

Average steps for last week – 13,400

Still at the same weight. I really need to make some changes but it isn’t happening. I say I’m going to exercise more, but I don’t. I say I’m going to eat less but I don’t. Nothing will change for the better unless I make some changes and stick with them.

I still haven’t really accepted the fact that I am not the skinny girl I was when I was younger. The one who could eat anything and not have to exercise. I feel like my body has let me down when in fact I am the one letting  my body down.

I know all the reasons why I need to do things differently but when it comes right down to it I always have an excuse for making a poor choice. What will it take for me to make the changes I need to make?? I wish I knew how to answer that question. I am getting tired of  feeling this way.

I’m off to do some garden work. Have a wonderful weekend.

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