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Fitness Friday

I’ll start with the good news – I averaged over 18,000 steps a day last week, increased my jumproping to 3 sessions of 70 seconds each and did some ab exercises. My waist is shrinking – well only a quarter inch but it is getting smaller.

On the other hand I gained weight again – back to needing to lose 7 pounds. I’m more interested in losing the inches so that is what I’m going to focus on today. I know I did some stress eating after the car got hit, so I’ll get back on track and do better next week.

If  I walk at least 10,500 steps per day until the end of the month, I will hit 1 million steps. I’m pretty sure I can do it – unless the weather messes me up.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. The amount of walking you’ve been achieving is totally impressive – well done! And the inches coming off too is great. So sorry to hear about the car incident. I cannot believe that it happened again – there are many inconsiderate people out there. Your street is so wide – how on earth would they have managed to bash into your car? Very careless of whoever did it.

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